About Us

“ICTS helped us complete enrollment by cutting our time lines by more than 65% by providing services that began at project launch. Their level of commitment to our success is illustrated in every stage of development and implementation.”
Vice President of Clinical Operations, Biotechnology Firm

Our Approach

At ICTS, we believe that clinical trials are first and foremost about people. The better each person associated with a study is connected to it through clear, concise and intelligent communication, the more successful that study will be.

At every stage of a clinical trial—from pre-trial preparation to patient recruitment, retention, compliance and pre-launch transition—we dig deeper and question assumptions in an effort to build the connections that will yield superior study results. That means connecting specific protocols to the ideal clinical sites; connecting sites to higher-quality patients; connecting patients with the information and attention they need to ensure high retention and compliance; and more.

By taking creative, targeted approaches and being flexible to each study's unique requirements, ICTS generates better patients, resulting in better data for a fraction of the time and expense of our competitors.

Our experience has proven that the quality of the information taken out of a clinical trial is directly proportional to the quality of information that goes into it. That's why we put such an emphasis on good communication—and why the sites and patients in our studies are consistently the most educated and well-informed in the industry.

We achieve these standards through the use of our site support tools, which are tailored to each client's needs. From the clarity of a simple form to themost sophisticated scientific animation , we customize smart, cost-effective solutions that dovetail perfectly with your budgets and timelines.

And best of all, once we've designed one successful study for you, we can build upon that model for realizing efficiencies in future trials and product launches.


ICTS was founded in March 2003 by bringing together several of the industry’s most experienced patient recruitment specialists. Through our experience we have evolved into a full-service support organization for clinical trial services, with offerings specifically targeted to Site OptimizationSM, educational platforms, enrollment solutions and customized strategies that meet our clients’ needs.

The evolution of our company has been predicated upon the strong belief that we must always challenge ourselves to find better solutions to our clients' problems, even if that means taking a completely novel approach. As a result, some of our most successful offerings were innovations designed to fulfill specific client needs.

The ICTS story is being rewritten daily, as we constantly incorporate new communication technologies into our toolbox that will enable us to secure even better study results. From social media to search engine marketing and more, we are dedicated to creating the ideal mix of solutions for your program to ensure success.

In January 2011, Tom Sturgis and Gregg Sweet bought out the other three partners in order to streamline the management of ICTS and begin building a stronger international and domestic footprint.